What makes us different? The customer comes first!

We are proud that ALULINE has an excellent repeat business
rate.There are a number of reasons why customers keep
returning to us. Our environmental knowledge and 30 years
experience in the operation and maintenance required, helps
us to ensure kitchen drainage is compliant with the needs of
each individual establishment and current requirement to
meet the regulation standards.

Knowing what drives our clients

At Aluline, we make a point of understanding your business
requirements first; by fully grasping what underpins your
food service delivery, constraints with cost, staffing, legislation
governing waste management and hygiene in different
establishments. We do this by keeping in close contact with
the health and water authorities. We deliver solutions that move
you closer to your overall business obligations to meet current
and future legislations; and provision of staff and management
training plus information fact sheets.

Constructing tailor-made solutions

At Aluline we know that' one size' actually doesn't 'fit all'.
Different customers have different needs. As manufacturers
and designers, we use our experience and knowledge to offer
the solution you require depending on the premises or project.

Our services are entirely bespoke and based on individual needs
for each premises or project.

We produce site surveys to ensure
your understanding.

Building strong relationships

At Aluline we believe that relationships make or break a project.
As such we implement formal relationship management plans
that ensure we deliver consistently,an honest, cost effective
and service value to each customer irrespective of size or prestige.
Customer requirement surveys and project debriefings
show that our clients consistently rate our services very highly.
In some areas, over 80% of our work is repeat business.
While we're delighted to have such high levels of customer
satisfaction, we see it as a minimum standard and work tirelessly
to continually improve our service.