Company Message

We aim to create long-term value for our customers and benefits for the communities and societies in which we operate.
We are working to become a simpler business, focusing on where we can generate the most value, and not necessarily the most volume, through our production. We are strengthening our portfolio of high-return and longer-life upstream assets, while building high-quality downstream businesses. All of this is underpinned by our expertise, technology and relationships. We strive to be a world-class operator, a responsible corporate citizen and a good employer. We can only operate if we maintain the trust of people inside and outside the Aluline Group. We must earn people’s trust by being fair and responsible in everything we do. We monitor our performance closely and aim to report in a transparent way. We believe good communication and open dialogue are vital if we are to meet the expectations of our employees, customers and the local communities in which we operate. Strong financial performance is vital, because it enables us to make the investments necessary to produce the information and backup that our customers require, while rewarding and maintaining the support of our staff.
Of course, as a business working in many countries we face challenges and choices. We are always learning but I believe that we can act as a positive force, aiming to set high standards in information, employment practices, transparency and human rights. When challenged over our operations our policy is to ask whether the community or country is likely to be better for our involvement. If the answer is yes, then I believe we are right to be there. In 2015, we delivered the plan we set out in 2014 to make Aluline Group a safer, stronger and better performing business – recognizing that we need to remain focused in this pursuit. Compared with 2014, we produced information booklets designed to make foodservice personnel aware of the simple and practical steps to ensuring problems with waste from kitchens could be minimised, we have investigated the complex legislation and rules facing food outlets in future.






We know we can never be complacent and are continuing our efforts to learn lessons from the behaviour of certain companies exploiting the weak position of legislators, we ensure conformance with our operating management system and emphasise the right personal behaviours, taking great care in everything we do. As in other cities the desire to make money out of foodservice employees,ignorance by supplying half-truths, and manipulating legislators inadequacy, which in longer term will cost foodservice companies, regulation breaches, and replacement costs for inadequate equipment. We note the clauses in much sales literature excludes liability?

As a young Scotsman we were taught honesty, I am sad to see the state of the industry I have spent  30 Years working in. The few honest brokers are finding it difficult to inform the industry that not all gizmos will pass muster when the legislation is evaluated and enforced in a considered manner, or that the cost to their customer will jump four fold, if compliance is used in same manner as other City. The refusal to face future of waste strategy of certain companies will cause many repercussions for the whole industry, including the water companies.
The Environment is a considered cash cow for many “experts” however with our economy as frail as it is if these people succeed the resulting costs to foodservice industry already suffering from high rates/rents/wages, H&S costs, may be devastating.
This Environment belongs to all citizens we are all responsible common sense & education will be a smarter way of control,there is enough regulation enforce it, not profit by it.  We  are British our culture is to respect nature, we may have to teach this to our new citizens out of respect for our Public Health regulation, this protects us all, including our brothers from less developed countries.
We must respect self before expecting respect from others.

William G Clark.