Company Information & Quality

Aluline Ltd, from inception has focused and dedicated its efforts to solve and provide sustainable answers for the varied problems associated with waste disposal within the commercial sector.
Over 30 years experience within the commercial drainage sector
is diligently employed, to meet the needs of our clients.

Changing lifestyles and todays modern diet necessitates the protection of our environment by enforcement of imposed regulations. As a consequence this has introduced and highlighted the stresses and hazards on many food producing outlets and the organisations responsible for our waste disposal. Large corporate bodies are now in control of our waste management, a positive advantage if education and accessible information is actively encouraged and circulated to all sections of our community, These large corporations are not prepared to pick up the cost of pollution and will pass on remedial costs to the polluter.

Aluline’s range of equipment for the reduction and collection of waste ‘at source’ has evolved from a hands on approach of solving and avoiding problems encountered over many years experience serving the needs of the commercial sector. Economically feasible solutions and a common sense approach are important requirements to all business concerns desiring to comply with environmental and public health statutes.

At Aluline we also offer natural eco-friendly bio technology solutions, equipment for at source removal of wet waste (i.e. F.O.G.) food, oil, grease that can accumulate within our drains, sewerage systems, treatment plants, etc.Our policy of continuous development results in the introduction and supply of many innovative and labour saving products to the market place. Wet Waste Filters, Treatment Plant monitors, Odour Abatement Sprays, Bio Nutrients, and a machine for in-house disposal of Hospital Clinical Waste are all examples of working or developing products in our portfolio.






Aluline are committed to providing customers with quality products and services at competitive prices. Suppliers and sub-contractors to Aluline Ltd are vetted by the company to ensure that any products sold by Aluline or its distributors are of a quality both in material and workmanship that ensures customer satisfaction.

The manufacture and production of all products supplied are as environmentally compatible as possible in today’s ecologically conscious world. Aluline Ltd has a policy of ongoing customer care, underpinned by the provision of advice and positive solutions. We are commited to research, development and validation of any new products designed for the protection of drainage systems.

Aluline Ltd believes that the essential element in the management of waste created by man is bacteria, both naturally occurring and cultured for specific tasks. Bacteria must be protected to facilitate the task of degrading and destroying waste products produced by man. To this end all Aluline’s products are designed and produced to be bacteria friendly.

Aluline Ltd subscribes to the argument that creating a safer work place is an important aspect of every employer’s social responsibility. The elimination of harsh chemicals is one step forward. The use of quality products in a properly managed environment is no more expensive than using alternative harsh, caustic and abrasive chemicals, which by their nature are damaging to a healthy and effective drainage system, and when mismanaged may result in harm to operatives.

As a quality conscious and environmentally aware company, Alulines’ commitment to its customers is to ensure the effectiveness andreliability of its products to meet their needs. Through total quality management and the use of best design and materials we aid our customers in playing their part in protecting and sustaining our land and water resources to preserve the ecological balance of our oceans and fresh water courses for future generations to enjoy.