Recent legislation in the form of the EU Landfill Directive has changed the
waywe dispose of waste. The directive’s main aim is “to prevent or reduce
as far as possible negative effects on the environment,in particular the
pollution of surface water, groundwater, soil and air, and on the global
environment, including the greenhouse effect, as well as any resulting
risk to human health, from the landfilling of waste, during the whole
life-cycle of the landfill”. The Company is therefore committed to the
protection of the environment throughtthe implementation of an effective
waste management programme that meets or exceeds all legislative and
regulatory requirements placed on it.


Aluline will apply the principles of the Waste Management Hierarchy
to ensure that waste is dealt with in a way that impacts least on our


1. Reduction
Since all waste disposal options have some impact on the environment,
the only way to avoid impact is not to produce waste in the first place.
Aluline will therefore endeavour to reduce waste by judicious purchasing.

2. Reuse
Before discarding an item check that someone else cannot make use of it.
Examples include furniture, computers and Peripherals.

3. Recovery
Wherever possible Aluline will recycle. Staff and visitors need to be fully
engaged in this process to ensure that the recycling units are used
and that only waste that cannot be recycled goes into the bins -
and therefore to landfill.

4. Disposal
Waste sent to landfill is the worst option in environmental terms
and Aluline will strive to keep this to a minimum.


Property & Facilities
The Managing Director is responsible for the development and initial
implementation of the policy. All facilities staff are responsible for the
operation of the policy and for staying up to date with waste legislation
affecting the company. Increasingly more elements within the waste
stream are prohibited by legislation from entering the general company
waste stream and should there be any doubt about how a particular
item(s) should be dealt with, the Managing Director should be contacted
on ext. 109.

Members of Staff
All members of the company have a personal responsibility for the way
their conduct impacts on the environment and should ensure that they
think about all new purchases guidelines are adhered to.